When I was the tech lead for DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure at South Pole, I liked to think of all of the various dev teams as my clients. Marketing websites, machine learning projects, data pipelines, and all manner of applications for internal and external clients — the teams doing these projects all needed cloud infrastructure and a bit of help getting set up.

My objective was to design a system of ci/cd pipelines and kubernetes objects that was simple and flexible enough for the developers to understand (without too much extra effort) so that the teams could manage and customize their own releases and deployments — with as much (or as little) ongoing help from me as they wanted.

Now I’m ready to offer the same service to the rest of the world!

I’m especially interested in working with smaller companies (or independent teams within larger companies) who need help getting set up in the cloud — or with migrating existing legacy systems to modern, maintainable cloud infrastructure.

I enjoy sharing knowledge with developers through workshops and peer-programming-style troubleshooting sessions, so I’m open to collaborations that involve a short-term setup project and then an incremental transfer of knowledge and responsibilities to the teams that are using the infrastructure.

Knowledge transfer was one of my big motivations for starting my own little company. My two little interns are just starting their IT careers now, and — with the rave reviews my teaching got at South Pole — I figured maybe I could help get them started on the right foot in the cloud native world. (The above is the best photo we got — we’re better at kubernetes than we are at photography…)

If that offer sounds like something you could use, please contact me either on the contact page of this blog or through the linkedin page of startup2scalable.com. I hope to hear from you!