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Let’s Get Real about Disruption

This article is an adaptation of the talk I gave at the EIT Climate KIC Community Summit in Hamburg (July 2019)

Here’s a parable you’ve probably heard:

In the 1890s New York City had a daunting horse manure problem. Transporting people and goods around the city resulted in so much manure that officials worried that the streets would soon be buried deep in it. Apparently in 1898 there was a conference to address the problem in which they essentially gave up.

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How and Why to Build your IT Career through Startups


I’ve spent most of my career working for tech startups, but I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur. It was kind of by chance that I’ve ended up working more for small and new tech companies rather than big, established ones — and consequently, I’ve learned that choosing this career path offers some real advantages.

If you are an engineer, should you do the same? Let me give you an overview of some of the pros and cons. The short version is the following: It’s more work, more stress, and more varied tasks for less pay — but rising to great challenges means gaining great experience.

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